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Prof. Mikhail ZHADIN


Dr. in Biology, Dr. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor,
Head of Laboratory for Neurocybernetics of Cellular Ensembles, Institute of Cell Biophysics
Assoc. Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
142290 Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia

Prof. Mikhail Zhadin first experimented the ability of water  to store energy (Bioelectrom. 1998;19(1):41-5).
Previous experiments by S.W.Bawin and W.R. Adey (1976),  C.F.Blackman et al. (1980), A.R.Liboff (1985), S.D.Smith and B.R.McLeod (1987) have shown water stores energy, but the induction of ion motion due to 10 nT MFs was an unrefutable proof.

Prof. Mikhail Zhadin passed away on 28 October 2015 at age 80 (born in Leningrad same day as Jacques Benveniste,  12
March 1935)

Mikhail Zhadin and Jacques Benveniste
by Francesco Bordinoè-morto-lo-scienziato-russo-mikhail-zhadin.html